Notices are posted here when extreme weather conditions are forecast for scheduled excursions. As the camp is “all weather” a forecast of rain does not warrant postponement. Gale force winds although experienced without incident do however require postponement if forecast for when patrons are scheduled to be in camp.

All camps are proceeding as scheduled.

Diary of past posts

Date of posting 7.40pm Thursday 22nd March

from Blue lagoon

Toogoolawah camp update. Before lunch students built catapults under instruction from Stanely river staff member Steve. Since lunch, being rainy and windy on the beach students have been writing diary entries in the eating tent. All are dry and cosy, Forecast issued at 2.50pm predicts that wind will not increase any further and will decrease during the night. By Friday afternoon winds are forecast to be 10 – 15 knots by late afternoon which means a smooth and possibly a sunny return across the Bay. The Gale warning issued late this morning was cancelled at 2.50 pm today.


PS 7.40pm Have had dinner and cleaned up. Wind and rain has eased in the camp and radar shows rain should stop soon. All is good with the camp, students and teachers. This will be the last update as we will prepare for turning in and are expected good weather in the morning.