Moreton Experience's ALL inclusive prices 2012

for curriculum excursions from your Brisbane School

3 days $210

5 days $270

Students 16 years+ pay a $20 surcharge to cover adult ferry fare and food.

  • bus transfer from Brisbane schools to ferry and return

  • MICat ferry fares (Child $35, Adult 16yrs+ $50)

  • bus transfer from ferry to Moreton Experience Blue Lagoon camp

  • 3 half day 4WD bus tours to Little Sandhills, Mt Tempest and Cape Moreton & Honeymoon Bay.

  • guided walks to Lake Honeyeater, North Point, Little Sandhills

  • all food

  • all weather canvas tent accommodation with stretchers

  • sand tobogganing at Little Sandhills

  • National Park camp fees $5.30 per night

  • Moreton Experience 20 page Moreton Island information and activity book Moreton Experience slide presentation using a data projector

  • overnight attendance at camp by Moreton Experience staff

  • one adult free for every 10 students


Primary Students on curriculum camp (includes GST on food only) Price parents pay

Invoiced price (includes GST)

Price School is invoiced

1 day



2 days



3 days



4 days



5 days



SNORKELING at the Wrecks by Get Wet Sports - Optional Extra $25

Cost to the studentis the cost the school charges students – includes GST on food only.

Cost to the school – is the amount the school pays Moreton Experience. Moreton Experience's invoice itemizes food separately. For curriculum camps the school obtains a credit from the Tax office for the non-food GST.

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