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Camping at Blue Lagoon, Moreton Island

The Moreton Experience Blue Lagoon camp site under the Casuarina's on the surf beach is a truly inspiring wilderness camp .

The camp is sheltered from extreme winds by Casuriana covered dunes. The prevailing South East / North East winds provide cooling sea breezes and keeps the camp mostly free of sandflies and mosquitoes.

Traditional canvas marque tents keep you dry in the heaviest rains. Plenty of head room. Single level stretchers enable a good nights sleep. BYO sleeping bag. If you like your comforts then BYO sleeping mat and pillow.

The ocean, just a few minutes walk from camp. Sunset on the beach, perfect way to end the day!

Swim in the pristine freshwater Blue Lagoon, just 10 minute walk from camp. Water is so soft hair feels like it has been conditioned after a swim.

Tours are included

Price includes a tour to the Little Sandhills with sand tobogganing (3 hours) and a tour to Cape Moreton (3 hours) . Mt Tempest can be done on the way to camp on Friday. Travel on Moreton Island is on sand tracks and beaches and so four wheel drive buses are used. Schedules are adapted on the day to suit tides and weather conditions. Moreton Experience vehicles have forward facing seats. Lake Honeyeater and its surrounding heathland is only 40 minute walk from our camp and is a must for those interested in wildflowers and nature.

A typical weekend program

The program is developed during the week-end to take account of weather, beach condition and tides. Two half day 4WD tours will be scheduled.





Arrive 10 am Mt Tempest 2 hour walk or direct to camp.

Bus to The Sandhills (3 hours)

Lake Honeyeater walk or by bus


Around camp.

Bus to Cape Moreton (3 hours)

3pm depart for 4.30 pm MICat

MICat departs 14 Howard smith Drive, Port of Brisbane

Defender 9 passenger with secure luggage trailer

Heidi 4WD bus, 33 passenger.

Price per person for 3 days



Type of trip



Fully catered



BYO meals,

option to have evening meals provided at $10 per meal


Price on Application

Join MIPC, $10 p.a. and do 8 hours volunteer work, BYO all meals (no tours for this option)

Groups of 20 or more receive discounts on above prices.

Group Charter Prices on application.

The Price includes;

All Transport costs, MICat fares, 4WD transfers from MICat to Blue Lagoon

All accommodation costs National Park fees

Tours a half day 4WD bus tour to Little Sandhills and a half day 4WD bus tour to Cape Moreton.

Group or family or individual booking.

The Accommodation

Moreton Experience's tent camp is located within the Moreton Island National Park Blue Lagoon camping ground on the Ocean beach. The Moreton Experience camp is located under Casuarina on the beach front just 5 minutes walk from the fresh water Blue Lagoon. (Idyllic swimming) Accommodation is in large canvas tents (4 by 6 metres). Enough tents are provided so that no more than 4 persons are required to share 1 tent. If you'd prefer BYO hike tents are fine but regulars find using the provided tents preferable. Stretchers are provided.

BYO sleeping bag and (sleeping mat and pillow if required.)

BYO plates and cutlery.


The camp is located within the Moreton Island National Park camp ground at Blue Lagoon and utilizes National Park facilities. An in camp Nature Loo is available.

Solar powered

The camp uses solar power for fridge, fluorescent lighting, toilet fans, gas heater, water pumps, all on 12 volt ensuring patrons safety. An inverter provides 240 volt power and is available to recharge phones, cameras etc. between 8am and 4pm. Remember to bring your 240 volt charger.

Drinking water

All drinking water is boiled. A heat exchanger cools the boiled water and preheats water to be boiled. The exchanger saves about 50% of the gas that otherwise be required to boil the drinking water.

Centrally located.

Cape Moreton, The Little Sandhills and Mt Tempest are a 15 to 30 minute drive by 4WD bus along the ocean beach.

Lake Honeyeater and Spitfire Creek are short walk from camp.

Camping an Australian tradition Bill Garner's essay Gone Camping is a delightful read, expressing what camping is to Australians. Provides an insight into why camping is such an integral part of Australian culture.

Booking and further information;

The group organizer

or Alan at 0428 783781


All bookings made direct with Moreton Experience require a $50 deposit per person be sent to Moreton Experience within 5 days of booking.

Mail deposits to Moreton Experience, PO Box 1668, TOOWONG 4066.

MICat terminal is located at Hawkins Transport, 14 Howard Smith Drive, LYTTON, Parking is $10 per day payable at the MICat ticket office.