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Lake Honeyeater walk ~ 3hours

An inspiring walk through flowering heathland

This is a circuit walk which takes a little over 2 hours – including stops for field book activities. The walk includes 20 minutes beach walk and 40 minutes walk through low heathlands. On this walk we see several parasitic plants. Before the walk students see a video showing many of these parasitic plants. The walk finishes by wading through Blue Lagoon followed by a swim . Since the drought has ended and water tables have risen, once again students get to experience the excitement of walking through reeds, and holding their bags up to keep them dry. The walk and swim takes about 3 hours.

Lake Honeyeater

Insectivorous sundews, Drosera sp are common around Lake Honeyeater and blue Lagoon.

Lake Honeyeater

Grasstrees with flower spike on Honeyeater walk.

Wallum Banksia, Banksia aemula Wildflowers are a feature of the Honeyeater walk.

The Honeyeater circuit walk returns along the edge of Blue Lagoon and finishes with a swim.

Swimming in Blue Lagoon

As Blue lagoon is just a 10 minute walk from Moreton Experiences camp a swim can be scheduled anytime the students are at camp. Some school even give students who wake early the option of a swim before breakfast each day.

Blue Lagoon

The water in Blue Lagoon is fresh and very soft.

The Ocean Beach

The ocean beach is just a short walk over the dunes. Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean is inspirational. A walk along the beach can turn up interesting A beach walk at night is also popular. The Cape Moreton Light and the Point Lookout Light each with their own particular flash pattern can be seen form the beach

Ocean beach is just a few minutes walk from camp. Heidi bus returning from Sandhills.

Unstructured creative activities such as sand castle building is a highlight for many students.