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Moreton Experiences camp at Blue Lagoon

Canvas tents with single level stretchers sleep up to eight

Students can assist with non cooking food preparation - menu

Except for beetroot, all salads are prepared immediately before the meal.

Location, Location Location

Moreton Experience's Blue Lagoon camp site under the Casuarina's on the surf beach is a truly inspiring wilderness camp .

The camp is sheltered from extreme winds by Casuriana covered dunes. The prevailing South East / North East winds provide cooling sea breezes and keeps the camp mostly free of sandflies and mosquitoes.

Everyone looks forward to their daily swim in the pristine freshwater of Blue Lagoon which is just a 10 minute walk from camp.

The wide surf beach is only a couple of minutes from camp and provides an inspiring natural venue for; beach games, beach combing, sunrise viewing and the always popular – sand castle/ sculpture.

Moreton Experience's complements the australian tradition of camping by enabling educators to deliver their educational programme in a wilderness.


Traditional canvas marque tents mean students are kept warm and dry in the heaviest rain. Single level stretchers mean good nights sleep for teachers and students.

Food Preparation Menu

All food is prepared from fresh ingredients on site. Students can contribute to non cooking aspects of the meal preparation. Students eat at tables in a large marquee tent.


The camp is located within the Moreton Island National Park camp ground at Blue Lagoon and utilizes National Park facilities. An in camp Nature Loo is provided for teachers, students with a disability, and for nighttime use by all students.

Solar powered

The camp uses solar power for fridge, fluorescent lighting, toilet fans, gas heater, water pumps, all on 12 volt ensuring patrons safety. 240 volt power is provided by an inverter, and is only used to recharge camp batteries, the data projector and teachers phone and camera batteries.

Energy efficient

All drinking water is boiled. A heat exchanger designed by Alan cools the boiled water and preheats water to be boiled. The exchanger saves about 50% of the gas that otherwise be required to boil the drinking water.

Centrally located.

Cape Moreton, The Little Sandhills and Mt Tempest are a 15 to 30 minute drive by 4WD bus along the ocean beach.

Lake Honeyeater and Spitfire Creek are short walk from camp.

Camping an Australian tradition

Bill Garner's essay Gone Camping is a delightful read, expressing what camping is to Australians. Provides an insight into why camping is an important experience for Australian students.

A Major Skink Egernia frerei enjoys a mushroom at camp,

A 10 minute walk to the freshwater Blue Lagoon for an inspirational swim before breakfast..